First Attempt

I took, my first stab at my own emacs-lisp function. The purpose being
to make the *compilation* buffer disapear if there is no error. Initial
plans had a few more things I wanted, however they would have resulted
in a very inflexable function, which appears to be the very opposite of emacs.

My first attempt

(defun wramp-build (input) ;; how about filename
  if ((compile ./ input)

However a kind user bpalmer on #emacs pointed out that compile is an
process, which is a good thing, a different approach was neccesery. In
case anyones curious remote is program based on minicom used for serial
communication with computer designed and build at the Waikato University
for teaching assembly on, wramp is the name of said computer. The
following was supplied by bpalmer from the emacs-wiki

(setq compilation-finish-functions 'compile-autoclose)
(defun compile-autoclose (buffer string)
  (cond ((string-match "finished" string)
	 (bury-buffer "*compilation*")
	 (message "Build successful."))
	 (message "Compilation exited abnormally: %s" string))))

While I know I wouldnt have written that myself Im pretty sure I
understand what it does. All I know is I cant wait till exams finnish
as I will have time to start learning more emacs lisp.


Section 92A

Just doing my part to prevent Section 92A being passed of the copyright bill. Giving the rights for users internet connections for being suspected of copyright is not acceptable espically after reading this news posting availble here. Do what you can do to help by visiting creative freedom and signing the partition, joining the blackout or posting New Zealand's new Copyright Law presumes 'Guilt Upon Accusation' and will Cut Off Internet Connections without a trial. is against this unjust law - help usthis image on your website. What ive read of the rest of the bill sounds bennifial for both the artists and us the enjoyer of good music and movies.

Arch Linux Dialup

My first useful post and the first from emacs.

Coming up to christmas I, decided that a change in distro was in
order. Arch Linux sounded right up my alley, but unfortuntley I was
stuck on a dialup internet connection at the time, and the Arch Linux
installer doesnt include pppconfig. Of course I didnt think of this
until I had fdisked my old Gentoo partition. This left my in a bit of a
predicument. Do I wait a few days and borrow a mates broadband
connection, (yeah right) or try hack up the pkgbuild to install from a
locally downloaded package (downloaded on different computer). That
worked but the syntax was a bit odd it still thought it needed to be on
the web. So I thought I would share the compiled packages for anyone in
a similar situtation. These can be installed simply by pacman -U

Unfortunaley I can’t upload the packages, leave me a comment and I will
email them or something.

Hello world!

Thanks for looking at my new blog, It will mainly be about programming and open source software, but anything else may also appear. In the short term I intend to set it up so I can post directly from emacs, and change the theme (not sure on which yet). At some point I also intend to migrate to a dedicated web host (I also need a domain name, feel free to leave suggestions.)

My main reason for starting this blog, was to hopefully give back to the communinty by any way possible, secondly I enjoy reading other peoples tech blogs and it would be a bit sad if I didnt attempt something similar.